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Yay!! It is finally here. It arrived in the mail last night. I am so happy. :hehehehe: The watch itself is kind of heavy with all the charms hanging on it. It is so pretty.

@Ikin, Meredith and Kiki: Thanks for the watch. You girls are the best.

@David, Jason M., Rik, Mickey: Thanks for the cards, flowers and belt.

@David: I'm sorry but the beautiful lilies died. (T_T)

Featured Old Photo: Don't!

Originally uploaded by Eilla Sikén

I thought I featured this photo. It seemed that the cleaner knew that I was in need of the Ladies. :grumble:

Movies and work

I have spent two whole days watching movies. I did not spent 48 hours straight watching them. I still have to work but I have watched four movies and completed a thirteen parts series of an anime.

Step Up 2
Elizabeth: The Golden Age


I was not that impressed with Step Up 2. I thought the first one was better. The second part did not do anything from me. It is all flat to me. The hype was not what they made it to be.

Jumper was not that bad nor it was that good. It is a fun movie though but I would not watch it again. It is a cool ability to jump from one place to another without the worry of having your passport with you but it sure left a jumping mark which I might not be too keen on my floor in my apartment.

Elizabeth was a good movie. It was set in times of when Elizabeth the first was trying to find a suitor and how Spain went bankrupt due to the stupidity in the name of a religion.

Awake was tensed. I have to say I like this movie. It has to be the first Jessica Alba played the villain here. it did not portrayed much of her ability as a villain but wow, being that heartless is something. It does show that females can be sinister and yea, they are evil! :hahahaha:

Tonagura! is a Japanese anime regarding childhood friends who got separated for 10 years and was brought back together when they decided to move back to Japan in the same house. A girl who has a crush on her neighbor for 10 years and was disappointed that he was nothing like she remembered him. It was funny and I had fun watching it.

With all these movies and anime that was set for 2 days, I managed to do my work and still talked to Dave. Oh yea, I'm this girl who can go on until she finally collapsed.

I decided to grab hold of a vector drawing application that would be simpler to use than Illustrator. I learned something though. The simpler it is to use, the less features it has. I tried Lineform and I liked how easy it was to use but exporting to Illustrator under .eps format wasn't pleasant. Next, I tried VectorDesigner. It was buggy but it has features that you don't find in Illustrator itself. It was doing fine until it crashed. :hahaha: I decided to give Intaglio a try. It was stated that it has to be the most intuitive piece of drawing software on the Mac. It was definitely easy to use just like Lineform and VectorDesigner. It has this useful tool for Dimensions which would be useful for my product design before but I'm sure I could use it again in the future. I decided to stick to Intaglio at the moment and play around with it. I love how easy it is to use gradient on it. Unlike Illustrator, I still have troubles setting opacity and stating specific colors for gradients. It seemed a lot faster to do the tasks and designs I want on Intaglio than on Illustrator. Too bad that I can't save it as Illustrator file but exporting it as a pdf and eps was a breeze and Illustrator opened them up without major problems. I still haven't decided if I might want to get it but in the meantime, I will play around with it and make my decision after the demo runs out.

Playing with Coda and SubEtheEdit

After I have been using Coda for awhile with the built-in Transmit, I decided to uninstall Transmit standalone. Why on earth would I need Transmit when I have it already built in Coda? Everything is updated remotely whenever I'm working and I could transfer files by dragging it onto Coda. The Reference Books are useful in a way even though they are pretty much useless and the CSS is not a gem either. I think I have a better luck doing it from scratch or stick to CSSEdit instead.

I was recommended to use SubEthaEdit by a friend who claimed it is better than Coda. Ok, it has a lot more programming modes and it has Terminal built in to it as well. Oh yea, I love uploading files using the Terminal. I won't mind if there's nothing else to use but I'm just too plain lazy to do it these days since I get myself a mouse. :P

I am kind of torn between these two and yea, Coda is NOT the best but it is a convenient app for web development.

A new upcoming site

I am just about done with EcoDogma banner. It is hosted on my company's domain. It is mainly a website for living green and sustainable. The banner could look way better if people just let me do it the way I want it. Oh well, no worries. It's not as if I'm getting paid. It is for a good cause and I believe that one may not change everything but one is better than none.


Dodgy ISP

God, the fucking connection is killing. First, the new modem broke down and only God knows how. It was replaced on December and recently, the isp claimed that the modem might have broke down. What? Anyways, I replaced the damn junk with the old one and it worked just fine until thirty minutes ago. What the fuck is going on? The damn connection is so much dodgy after I signed on for a recontract. Fucking dumb shit.

Dragon assignment

Skitch, one of my favorite Mac applications, finally pulled through for me. It makes my workflow a breeze these days. I am still messing with my dragon sketch. Dave was telling me that it looked cute. Hmmm... It isn't suppose to look cute but I'm still trying to mess with it.
 dragon @ 60.25% (OP)


Fresh start (Updated)

I missed LJ and I thought I create a whole new account for a fresh start. My old LJ account is still up. You could view the old entries
at tanchoulita. There were good and bad memories there and missing entries due to my laziness. (X_X)

I also pointed that the domain eilla.net to be pointed to my LJ and I snagged a new domain eillalicio.us and pointed that to my Tumblr as my lifestream. I'm so impressed that I managed to snag that for free. :hahahahaha: I did not think it will not pull through but wow, it did.

I'll be making a new layout for this journal soon as soon as I recalled all the codes and the how-tos. This is going to be fun.

Updated @ 2028hr: Decided to switch the domains around which resulted in a long ass pending time. Will post when it's up and running for eillalicio.us



Eilla Sikén